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The weight of 4 Billion Dollar.

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ART4+ auction of Shokof conceptual artwork makes history.

The price is legitimately established as the artwork consists of 4 seesaws with one billion USD in cash placed on each sides of them whereas 4 very small elements sit on the opposite sides but these 4 small elements seem both heavier and thus more valuable than all the cash.

A letter from Daryush Shokof

“Even today and on most every street of greatest Richest most luxurious, most cultivated and most civilized cities on planet earth I could try to get a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, 5 dollars of help from anyone, or meal in exchange for a work of art and painting by Picasso or … and absolutely “NO ONE” would give me anything for it absolutely definitely positively not unless they belong to a certain world scene knows all about the arts.

That is why I invented “Art4+”, for once there’s finally an artwork that sets it’s own price. “Art4+” demands value plus gets it legitimately, Raises Awareness for world citizens to realize ART exists in a most valuable list of important elements of worth on planet earth. Alongside nuclear bombs, banks, Diamonds, Gold, Mansions, Cars, and all the other precious well established discoveries we human beings created and made their prices above even Lives and Existence of Beings on planet earth and further the planet earth itself ART4 says finally to the world that: “Hey I am an art work worth US$4 billion.”

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“I am Pro-Life, I’m worth all and every dollar you must pay in order to have me and no matter who you are and where I land US$4 billion is the minimum you would have to pay with much guarantees and respect that “ART4+” would be guarded, valued, and celebrated regardless of where I finally land. “Art 4+” remains a work of art. It brings a world attention to the very fact that if we have Cars, Airplanes, Roads, Cities, Museums, Music, Movies, Dances, and even Languages, even Religions, Peaceful Thoughts, Ice Cream, and or even Chocolates and Aromatic Café good food great human values it is all because of “Creative Minds” that shaped all the above for people on earth. These creative minds are called the “Artists” among us.”

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“They therefore should be respected and their art works as well shall be equally valued as important as that as a loaf of bread to billions in the world banks all of the Gold, and oil and Tanks, and Atom Bombs on earth and more for an Artistic Creative mind will stand for further peaceful trends of life rather than its annihilation therefor the creation of art for that starts with a modest value of US$4 billion for continued life on earth peacefully where as it could have started with a much more aggressive start price of trillions of dollars and the worths of this artwork would still hold Legitimacy.”

Thank you,

The Exhibition takes placein New York City.

There will be a Charity Dinner for 800 people from global royal, heads of states, influential art world personalities and prominent at 10.000 dollars a plate to help wellness of planet earth and all who live in it.

Location: American Stock Exchange Building, 86 Trinity Pl, New York, NY 10006, USA

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ART4+ auction of Shokof conceptual artwork makes history. The Exhibition will take place in New York City for a selected group of people. Apply now and get the chance of an exclusive invitation to the event.

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